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      1. Text Editing, Done Right
        Effortlessly Split Panes and Navigate Between Code With the new Tab Multi-Select functionality, tabs become first-class citizens in the interface. A simple modifier when performing actions will split the interface to show multiple tabs at once. Works with the side bar, tab bar, Goto Anything and more!

        What’s New

        Sublime Text 4 is packed with new features and enhancements, including:

        GPU Rendering

        Sublime Text can now utilize your GPU on Linux, Mac and Windows when rendering the interface. This results in a fluid UI all the way up to 8K resolutions, all while using less power than before.

        Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64

        Sublime Text for Mac now includes native support for Apple Silicon processors. Linux ARM64 builds are also available for devices like the Raspberry Pi.

        Tab Multi-Select

        File tabs have been enhanced to make split views effortless, with support throughout the interface and built-in commands. The side bar, tab bar, Goto Anything, Goto Definition, auto complete and more have all been tweaked to make code navigation easier and more intuitive than ever.

        Context-Aware Auto Complete

        The auto complete engine has been rewritten to provide smart completions based on existing code in a project. Suggestions are also augmented with info about their kind, and provide links to definitions.

        Refreshed UI

        The Default and Adaptive themes have been refreshed with new tab styles and inactive pane dimming. Themes and Color Schemes support auto dark-mode switching. The Adaptive theme on Windows and Linux now features custom title bars.

        TypeScript, JSX and TSX Support

        Support for one of the most popular new programming languages is now shipped by default. Utilize all of the smart syntax-based features of Sublime Text within the modern JavaScript ecosystem.

        Superpowered Syntax Definitions

        The syntax highlighting engine has been significantly improved, with new features like handling non-deterministic grammars, multi-line constructs, lazy embeds and syntax inheritance. Memory usage has been reduced, and load times are faster than ever.

        Updated Python API

        The Sublime Text API has been updated to Python 3.8, while keeping backwards compatibility with packages built for Sublime Text 3. The API has been significantly expanded, adding features that allow plugins like LSP to work better than ever. Read the revamped documentation here.

        Meet the Sublime Family


        The sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

        Sublime Merge

        A cross-platform Git client, done the Sublime Text way.

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